You are currently viewing Sharing On Wheels (SOW) Annual Bicycle Giveaway, Seeking Volunteers for Sun., Nov. 10

Sharing On Wheels (SOW) Annual Bicycle Giveaway, Seeking Volunteers for Sun., Nov. 10

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S.A.G.A. EMPOWERMENT SERVICES COALITION, NFP aka SAGAesc’ or SAGA.  SAGAesc’s Sharing on Wheels (SOW) is extending an invitation to volunteers to come out Sun., Nov. 4 at Noon to assist with providing resources to people living in homeless conditions.

Chicago, Illinois USA – November 4, 2018 at Noon – SAGAesc’s SOW project will service the underserved living at or near Pacific Garden Mission, located at 1458 South Canal Street, Chicago, IL 60607.  “Pacific Garden Mission is a place of refuge and transformation for the homeless, since 1877” (Pacific Garden Mission, 2018). Saga volunteers will be stationed between 14th place and 14th street on Clinton.  The Sharing on Wheels project provides spiritual and physical food, seasonal clothing, and other useful resources.

“This year’s SOW bike giveaway is a Triax 21 speed mountain bike.  It will be raffled at the next Sharing On Wheels event scheduled for Sunday, November 4, 2018.” 

There is lots to look forward to during this event.  To start, SAGA is raffling off a mountain bike to its clients this year.  In the fall of 2016, SAGA decided to try out a bike raffle to see how it would be received by its clients.  This raffle took place across the street from the Harold Washington Library downtown Chicago, it was a hit.  It started a new exciting era for SAGAesc and its clients, and as a result SAGA has decided to turn the event into an annual giveaway.  SAGA’s 2016 winner Tamara won a gently used 10-speed bike, that she loved.  The bike giveaway was established to provide a resource that the organization believes is useful to people living in homeless situations.   

In addition to the bike giveaway SAGA is expecting several volunteers to participate in the next SOW event.  The list of volunteers includes members of Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. who is slated to purchase winter clothing items for the giveaway, PreacherHead Ministries will provide cash donations directly to the clients, and Tom Watson will bring his hot dog cart to provide hotdogs with all the trimmings.  It should prove to be a worthy time.  SAGA will provide its regular list of food which includes hot items like chili or soup, coffee, tea and hot chocolate.  Sandwiches may include deli slices or PB&J, and fruit like bananas, oranges or apples.

SAGAesc hopes to bring awareness to its movements to reduce the stigma that so often excludes the underserved from resources that would help their lives become less stressful.  SAGAesc is looking to spread a positive message to its supporters who all are welcome to bring family and friends to support this worthy cause. Come out and experience the movement as we serve our brothers and sisters in need.  If you can’t come out, please donate washed and folded clothes.  Clothes donations can be any gently used outer wear from boots, hats, coats, sweaters, scarfs and gloves. SAGAesc also accepts monetary donations.  Please visit our website to donate or contact one of our board members for more information.

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S.A.G.A. EMPOWERMENT SERVICES COALITION, NFP is based in Calumet City, Illinois and has been an Illinois Registered 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization since Nov. 30, 2006. 

For more information regarding the event, to volunteer, register or become a sponsor, visit or call 708.856.7778.

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