Tea Fundraiser

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You Are Invited to A Stay at Home Tea

Dear Friend,

We know you are busy both day and night, while you run on empty with a schedule that’s tight. So how about relaxing and taking it easy for a while, there’s no reason to go out, just sit back and smile.

So drop your tea bag into your favorite cup, Next pour in the water and begin to heat it up. Let it steep for several minutes ‘til it’s done, don’t stop now this is just the start of the fun. 

Sip slowly and savor it, don’t drink it fast,

hopefully each drop is better than the last.

Once you have enjoyed the taste of the tea, "let us spill the tea" about SAGA Empowerment Services Coalition, NFP

SAGA Empowerment Services Coalition (SAGA), labors to deliver charitable resources to the homeless population where government or social services agencies are not fully meeting their needs. We do this by advocating and providing useful resources that reduce socioeconomic disparity. Additionally, we collaborate with likeminded people and organizations to further extend this work to discover ways in which to empower and stabilize people living in these conditions.

SAGA’s “Sharing on Wheels” program seeks to make their load a little lighter by providing luggage on wheels such as carryon bags, duffle bags, book bags, and large re-useable bags with basic personal products that allow them to be mobile. The number of lives affected by homelessness in today’s economy increases daily, we want to change some of the effects.

You have supported us in the past, for which we say thank you. Please help us by giving a gift today, With your help this fundraiser will be our BEST!

Please respond by: March 1, 2023

Make checks payable to:
S.A.G.A. Empowerment Services Coalition, N.F.P.

Use the QR code to make donations online and learn more about us!

You can also make donations via

contact@sagaesc.org | $sescsow

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