Sharing on Wheels – Event Day, Nov 4, 2018

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Sharing on Wheels – Event Day, Nov 4, 2018

The forecast was bleak, thunder boomed, lightning flashed, rain whipped, and the heavy storm clouds maintained their stands for about 15 minutes around 10:15 a.m. on event day.  Chicago experienced inclement weather that was very discouraging, many groups would have cancelled the event.  S.A.G.A. EMPOWERMENT SERVICES COALITION, NFP (aka SAGA or SAGAesc) was prepared with tents, tarps, warm clothes, hot food and hot beverages.  They faced the event as if there were no rain.  Their clients did the same.  SAGA serviced approximately 100 residents who reside in Pacific Mission Gardens on that day.  According to Fred Haley, SAGAesc’s president, “this team is always prepared, rain or shine!”

In spite of the rain, the day went swell.  All the vendors and volunteers that promised to come out and support showed up.  SAGA was able to serve approximately 100 men and women.  Amongst the volunteers were Stevie Robinson and Tamara Claiborne of PreacherHead Ministries; Tom and Tammy Watson, and their supportive family representing TW Hotdogs; Riverdale fire fighter Lamont Spears. Representatives from Kappa Alpha Psi were in the midst helping, including Phillip Price, and Brent KimsleySheila Hobson an early bird, worked diligently throughout the three-hour stint to serve SAGA’s clients.  We also welcomed friends and family, CJ McMillan’s peer Xavier arrived early and stayed until the end.  Symmorron Bailey, Joyce Rogers son gave his support.  Corey and Lawrence were walk in supporters, both regularly care about and engage in efforts of this nature.

In addition to our volunteers showing up, others that couldn’t make it donated in lieu of attendance.  The donation list includes Barbara Gatewood of Lighthouse Food Pantry in Alsip, IL.  Barbara donated several packaged toiletries for both men and women, a tremendous contribution.  We also had the pleasure of having Chris Hebron and Doris McMillan who made generous cash donations.  Kappa Alpha Psi purchased all the under clothes and socks that were distributed.  TW Hotdogs distributed 200 hotdogs with all the trimmings, and they were delicious.  PreacherHead Ministries distributed $300 in 3 hours.  One hundred envelops were distributed to the homeless, each containing $3.  It was a joyous, blessed occasion for all!

SAGAesc members in attendance include: Dawn Haley, Fred Haley, Lisa Glenn, Kelly Robinson, Jael Brown, Chanell McMillan, Carl McMillan, Rhonda Drew, Joyce Rogers, Kathy Raby, Maija Doke and Bradley Dean.

Photo and videography credit: Bradley Dean, Fred Haley, Rhonda Drew (correspondent), Tammy Watson (correspondent), Kathy Raby, Phillip Price (volunteer), and Brent Kimsley (volunteer).

Photo Ops From SOW 11/4/18

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