Poor & Needy Giveaway in INDY 12/12

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Date: December 12, 2021

Time: 2:00p – 4:00p

Location: 202 N. Alabama St. Indianapolis, IN 46204

Collaboration with…

Israel Church Of Jesus – INDY
PreacherHead Ministries

SAGAesc, PreacherHead & ICOJ Collaboration: Indianapolis, Indiana – December 12, 2021

A beautiful early rising aimed at serving the Most High’s underserved people.  Our displaced brothers and sisters in Indianapolis, Indiana gave our volunteers life! 

On the road with a caravan of six vehicles and 14 volunteers from the Chicagoland area, who were all excited to serve.  Volunteers came together the night before, after Sabbath, to load up a 28-foot semi-trailer truck. The truck was graciously donated by our partnering family ICOJ out of Gary, IN, brother Elijah.  Volunteers came from many Israelite classes to support, and we are elated to partner with them all.  We came together under one accord to do the Lord’s will.  Keeping His commandments and knowing the poor and needy will be with us always.  We are thankful to serve!

It took approximately 3 hours for the caravan of vehicles to arrive in Indianapolis.  Our first stop was ICOJ / Indy, where we utilized their class as a staging area waiting for all volunteers to arrive before we continued to our first giveaway destination.  Once we arrived at the first location and after setting up, Pastor Stevie Robinson of PreacherHead Ministries, blessed the event with prayer before we began.

Our team of volunteers has gotten the setup process down to a science.  On average it takes approximately 30 minutes to setup tables & tents, put out pre-packaged toiletries, fold & hang clothes, and set up a beverage and food station. This group of volunteers are seasoned due to the history of how these giveaways began and the volunteers who have been moved to support these efforts. 

Some items that were given away include: Bibles, Body Lotion, Deodorant, Shaving Cream, Razors, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes & holders, Hand sanitizers, Face Towels, Masks, Facial Tissue, Hair & Comb Sets, Dental Floss, Hats, Thermal hand & foot warmers, Flashlights, Long underwear, Women’s undergarments, Thermal Socks, Detergent, Toilet Tissue and non-perishable food bags.  Other items included: Coats, Comforters, Clothes and Shoes.


A little history

SAGAesc, A.KA. S.A.G.A. EMPOWERMENT SERVICES COALITION, NFP.  The acronym “S.A.G.A” stands for “Souls Addressing God’s Agenda,” was established in 1998.  The original founders were Dawn Haley, Kelly “Jael” Brown, and Chanell McMillan.

Dawn Haley first had the idea to go downtown Chicago where she saw a concentration of homeless brothers & sisters, she filled up a suitcase and took food, toiletries and wearable items.  When she reported back and told her sisters Jael and Chanell about the success and the appreciation that the people on the receiving end expressed, they too were compelled to go out with her on the next outing.  This is the humble beginnings of SAGAesc’s Sharing on Wheels program.

Jael was always prepared to give, always.  She kept an abundance of supplies in her home and in her car.  She knew there was always opportunity to give, and she was ready to do just that. At the Indianapolis giveaway, Dawn Haley pointed out that, “Jael is still giving in her absence.”  Dawn, friends and family helped pack the many items that Jael had in her home for this event. This is the first event held since Jael’s passing.  Kelly “Jael” Brown took her rest on September 3, 2021.  She was truly a godly soul that will be sorely missed.

Jael invited Stevie Robinson to attend and volunteer at a SAGA’s Sharing on Wheels Giveaway for the first time on April 3, 2016.  After Stevie and his team came and saw how SAGA was serving, they loved what they experienced and were moved to godly jealousy.  Ever since that initial collaboration these two teams have been collaborating ever since.  “It has been a labor of love,” as Pastor Stevie coins it.  He says, I realize how rich I am.”  He expressed, “the people we serve are rich too, because they have God, yet they are poor.”  He goes on to say, “people don’t realize that you get closer to God by serving and giving to the poor.”

The April 3rd event was also a new beginning for bicycle give aways.  Jael thought, hey we could give away bikes, it matches well with SAGA’s “Sharing on Wheels” theme.  So, giving away bikes at events became a regular activity.  SAGA would encourage donors who had bikes they were no longer using to donate them.

Not only are the grownup volunteers inspired by giving, but the young volunteers are equally as passionate about serving.  Nine-year-old Melawn Haley was so inspired and eager to help with everything.  She helped fold clothes and take items to designated stations.  She wound up running the beverage stand, where she served hot beverages and provided bottled water.  Other outstanding youth volunteers attending the Indy giveaway were Luke and Josiah Cole, Kingston Bowens, and Fredrick Haley Jr. 

This Indianapolis collaboration was sparked by the Haley sister-in-laws, Kamille and Alisha, the wives of Immanuel and Fred respectively, who reside in Indianapolis with their families.  They saw a serious need to address the homeless issue in their hometown and asked that SAGA help them by supporting their efforts.  Of course this meant rallying all the troops, and off we went.

We served approximately 125 brothers and sisters between two locations in two hours.  During the event the recipients expressed how thankful they were, and this sentiment resonated amongst our teams as well.  As Stevie always puts it, “these events let me know that I have more than enough!”

We invite you to join us as we take care of Gods business in serving His people.  Remember, charity covers a multitude of sins.  1st Peter 4.  Hope to see you at our next event in 2022.  Visit these websites and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

To volunteer or to donate…


Visit: www.SAGAesc.org
Call: 708.320.8146
Email: info@sagaesc.org

Three ways to Donate:

  1. By CashApp: SAGAesc’s cash.app/$sescsow
  2. By Zelle and Chase Pay: contact@sagaesc.org
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PreacherHead Ministries

Visit: www.PreacherHead.org
Call: 1-888-776-0553
Email: info@preacherhead.org

Three ways to Donate:

  1. By Zelle: preacherheadofchristministries@gmail.com  
  2. By PayPal
  3. By mail: PreacherHead Ministries
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2 Responses to “Poor & Needy Giveaway in INDY 12/12

  • Hi please come with us to help the homeless and the needy or if cant find us then you can have a big bag with tooth paste tooth brush,shaver,a snack that can not spoil like Oreo or something else and anything else that you might think they need.
    And if you see a homeless person then you know what to do.

  • Thank you, Sweetheart. You are a Delight and a wonderful representative of SAGAesc’s.
    We love you!!!

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