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SAGAesc is raising funds for our Sharing on Wheels events, which occurs four times per yer during each season. At these times we provide a variety of useful items to our constituents who are homeless. Our mission and date of service never changes not matter the weather conditions. However, we would like to protect the items designated for giveaway during the 3 hour span of time we are out sharing. In order to do this we have determined a canopy would be the best solution to address this issue.

Our team has identified reasonably priced custom canopies that meet the needs of the organization and is actively soliciting assistance in its acquisition. We have obtained 3 quotes from reputable companies that are available to viewing upon request.

Please complete the form below to request PDF versions of the quote to be sent to your attention for review. After review please contact your SAGAesc representative to follow-up with any questions / concerns you may have.

S.A.G.A. EMPOWERMENT SERVICES COALITION, NFP is a charitable organization that is recognizes as tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service.

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