1st Annual 5K Hike/Walk for the Homeless – Aug. 11, 2019

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S.A.G.A. Empowerment Service Coalition, NFP, (SAGAesc,) is having its 1st Annual 5K Hike/Walk scheduled to Kick-off, August 11, 2019 at Morgan Park Commons located at 800 W. 115th Street, Chicago, IL 60643 at 7:30 a.m. Hikers will travel along the newly developed 26-mile Cal Sag Bike Trail of which the Major Taylor Trail intercepts. It is a perfect setting for first time hikers!

The hike/walk supports the mission of SAGAesc, which advocates, educates and promotes awareness so that individuals living in these conditions can have greater access to sustainable options.  SAGAesc provides charity to aid families in need.  We make resources available to help change disparity in hopes of empowering, promoting and stabilizing people living in underserved communities. 

The Major Taylor Trail has unlimited space for participants to hike. The Trail is beautiful; it links together three marinas, three golf courses, and six nature and forest preserves.  Hikers will follow the Major Taylor Trail south and take the Little Calumet River Bridge — featuring the largest Major Taylor mural ever created — into Whistler Woods. From Whistler Woods there are two route options, one to Lake Katherine via the scenic Cal-Sag Trail, and another to Lansing Woods. From those destinations there are further options: a loop from Lake Katherine to Sag Quarries, and a loop from Lansing Woods to the Major Taylor gravesite in Glenwood. Combining all the options adds up to 88.6 miles and includes 3 rest stops, at Whistler Woods, Lake Katherine, and Lansing Woods.

SAGAesc will only be hiking 5K of this beautiful stretch. We thought we’d simply mention to open up opprotunity for future hikes, bikes or just for the mere beauty of the trail. This hike is a fundraiser intended to help sustain SAGAesc’s Sharing on Wheels (SOW) program. 

Sharing on Wheels caters to the homeless by providing them with basic items that most of us take for granted.  Items provided include a mix of toiletries, blankets, socks, tee-shirts, gloves, scarves, thermos bottles/containers and other personal hygiene items (i.e., soap, towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste), and bibles.  Items are provided based on the season. 

We also feed our clients with a variety of healthy food options on event day.  Some food types we may provide include vegetarian chili, PB&J sandwiches, deli slice sandwiches, fruit, potato chips, soup, nutrition bars, bottled water, coffee, hot chocolate, and lemonade.

For participants who are planning to commute via public transportation, the starting point is conveniently located at a major intersection where from the Red Line bus route 352 connects to the start location, and from bus routes 29 connecting buses to the start location can be connected on bus route 115 or 352.  Those traveling via car can take the I-94 expressway getting off at 11 from the north and 119th from the south, heading west on 115th street for an expedient travel experience.

Should there be inclement weather the hike will continue, only sever weather will delay or push the event into a rainy-day status. 

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